Behind the pictures by Fernando Astete

Machu Picchu, seen through the eyes of Fernando Asete

Fernando Astete is a Peruvian anthropologist who dedicated more than 30 years of his life to the investigation, conservation and protection of the Sanctuary.  He shared with us what Machu Picchu means to him.



The fire that changed the history of Mapi

It was in August 1988, Fernando was working in the Cadastral office when a fire started in Santa Rita de Q’ente. At the time, Fernando was a young man, walking through the mountains and forests in the sacred valley of the Incas every day, which led him to be present during this incident.

Machu Picchu – From an uncontaminated paradise to mass tourism place

To understand the phenomenon of tourism in Machu Picchu, one must first look back at how tourism arrived and developed in Cusco. We spoke to Miguel to get a better insight into the tourism industry of Peru, how its evolved and how Machu Picchu is affected today.