by Fernando Astete

Saqsqahuamán and the Suchuna

Outstanding in the composition are the bastions of Saqsqahuamán and the Suchuna area connected by the central open space.

Moutain Yanantin and the speciality of the skyline

This skyline is so special and so appreciated on the planet. Actually its used everywhere. This is probably in August. The workers looking at this skyline can tell the exact day that the picture was taken.

The southern area of the Ushnu

The southern area of ​​the Ushnu is very visible before the excavations, which indicate that it was not completed. Today this part is full of vegetation.

The route of the river

The river was channeled in Inca times and has left its mark. The path starts from Aqokqasa hill; above the road the site of Tunasmoqo is recognized

An icredible coincidence, 30 years apart

The Machu Picchu mountain corresponds to the very last geologic outpost of that glacier. It’s geologically connected to Salkantay and the Inca knew that.